Embracing the Future of Defence

UDSS Director Major General (Ret’d) David Shouesmith discusses logistics resilience in the Digital Era ahead of Defence and Security Equipment International 2023 in September

As Defence and Security Equipment International 2023 (DSEI) approaches, Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS) offer a glimpse of what to expect in the realm of defence logistics. Read on as we delve into the dynamic landscape of military supply chains, resilience, and the race to integrate cutting-edge digital capabilities.

Emerging Realities and Lessons from Ukraine

Recent events in Ukraine have shed light on critical strategic-level gaps and supply-side vulnerabilities in western nations. These exposures have prompted a re-evaluation of military logistics and the need for robust and reliable supply chains, especially for key stocks, spares and components. As we learn from these challenges, the importance of building strategic logistic resilience has taken centre stage, driving efforts and investments toward ensuring readiness for future uncertainties.

Digital Revolution:
Collaborating with Commercial Logistics

The commercial logistics world is evolving at a rapid pace, leveraging supply chain reconfigurations, and embracing digital capabilities for improved performance and cost efficiencies. At DSEI, we explore how the military logistics community can tap into the potential being developed by the private sector, leveraging partnerships to drive technological advancements and innovative solutions.

Demand Variability: The Heart of Military Logistics

Unlike commercial logistics, military logistics faces the defining characteristic of variability in demand. In the face of unpredictability during conflicts, logistic planners require acute foresight and substantial flexibility to respond promptly and effectively. As we contemplate the lessons from Ukraine, we seek to identify best practices from the commercial sector while recognising that military logistics demand unique solutions to cater to the variability in demand.

Digital Transformations:
Enhancing Agility and Precision

Embracing digital solutions is key to modernising military logistics and enhancing its agility and precision. From a unified logistics data enterprise that automates demand processes to improved situational awareness and spatial capabilities, we aim to equip our military logisticians with the tools they need to respond efficiently to evolving operational scenarios.

Autonomy: Opportunities for Innovation

The promise of autonomy opens doors to innovative solutions in military logistics. From additive manufacturing of critical spares to unmanned load carriers for heavy munitions, the possibilities are vast. By adopting autonomous technologies, we can reduce force levels and logistic demand, streamlining operations for greater efficiency.

Embracing a Digital Nirvana for Military Logistics

The vision of a single synthetic environment for testing, rehearsing, and training is within reach. As military personnel and their leaders experience simulated scenarios, we can test policies, strategies, and operational plans, alongside their logistical implications. This integrated approach will help prioritise resources, improve force structures, and elevate military logistic planning to new heights.

Join us at DSEI 2023 to be a part of these thought-provoking discussions and witness how defence logistics is evolving in the face of technological advancements and global challenges. Together, we will chart a path towards a more agile, resilient, and digitally empowered military logistics enterprise.

Need to understand defence supply chain and logistic issues in more detail? Join us at DSEI 2023 where UDSS Director Major General (Ret’d) David Shouesmith will be appearing on a panel alongside Leidos UK and Europe Chief Executive Simon Forvague MBE and Caroline Field PA Consulting to discuss ‘Developing Resilient and Agile Supply Chains for Cross-Border Logistics at Pace of Need’ on Wednesday 13 September in the International Business Forum.