Azerbaijan: National Day Message

Promoting peace in the region, driving forward global climate action, encouraging intercultural dialogue, and much more, are all on Azerbaijan's agenda for its 106th Anniversary of Independence.

 On 28 May 1918 the first parliamentary democracy in the Muslim world, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), was founded and in a short period of time, state building efforts were put in place, democratic institutions were established, and women were granted the right to vote before most Western democracies. Although Azerbaijan Democratic Republic fell to Bolshevik invasion after only 23 months, it laid a solid foundation for the future independence of the Republic by strengthening sentiments of freedom, independence and democratic traditions. ADR’s legal successor, the Republic of Azerbaijan, has proudly built on the foundation of this first republic. Today Azerbaijan is a responsible member of international community, contributing to the maintenance of international peace and security, as well as to values of multilateralism through different endeavours, including its work as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (2012-13) and its chairing of the Non-Aligned Movement (2019-23).

On its 106th birthday, Azerbaijan is getting ready to welcome the world to Baku for global climate negotiations – COP29 in November this year, which is an important milestone for our entire region.

COP29 will be a force for good connecting North, South, East and West and mobilising the international community to keep 1.5C within reach. Azerbaijan is committed to enabling global conversation and bridging the differences using its unique experience of leading the Non-Aligned Movement, the second largest grouping of the world.

 The COP29 Presidency Plan will move forward on two mutually reinforcing pillars: enhancing ambition and enabling action, which also involves putting in place the finance we need to deliver global climate action. Azerbaijan leads by example and have put climate action and sustainability into the heart of its national development plans. President of Azerbaijan declared the 2024 as a 'Year of Solidarity for a Green World' to foster momentum on climate action at a national level and beyond. As a regional leader in green energy transition, Azerbaijan is set to transform its Garabagh and East Zangezur Economic Zones, and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic into net zero emission zones by 2050.

His Excellency Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the UK

His Excellency Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the UK

Today Azerbaijan and Armenia are closer to peace than ever before. After 30 years of bitter conflict, it is time to turn the page of confrontation in our region and to work for a lasting peace. Azerbaijan and Armenia continue to surprise the world in making progress towards normalisation.

Close and reliable partners for each other, bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom go from strength-to-strength each day. Azerbaijan is thankful to the UK for its readiness to support Azerbaijan and share its rich expertise towards COP29. My country is ready to work with all partners, including the UK, in mutually reinforcing climate action and delivering a successful COP summit later this year.